14 Basic Woodworking Tools

Every business has its tools, and wood working is no different. Having the right tool for the project is essential in creating a quality end product in timely manner.

If you are interested in woodworking but have no idea where to begin, then you have come to the right place. These essential woodworking tools will get you set up with everything you need for your first project.

  1. Tape measure:

An important tool for woodworking is the tape measure because you won’t be able to do much measuring without it. However, purchase a retractable one that is atleast 25 feet long. Ensure it has a hook at its end, as loose ends will cause inaccuracies while measuring.

  1. Screwdriver:

Another must-have tools for woodworking are a few screwdrivers. Not only you need Phillips-head and a flathead or slothead drivers, but also torx drivers and star drivers too. Invest on some quality screwdrivers, as those made of soft metal will have a ‘oomph’ factor but become useless after putting them to use.

Get long screwdrivers with a square blade that gives you a lot of torque, as well small and medium screwdrivers. Screwdrivers with a thin shank will be helpful to work on tight places and cabinets.

  1. Claw hammer:

Claw hammer is the most common tool found in every household and it’s not-so-easy to do any woodwork without one. They are used for extracting nails from or pounding nails into some object.

You’ll need a perfectly balanced claw hammer with a smooth, rounded head on one side and a claw on the other side. The most commonly purchased one is the 20 oz. size which is not only heavy enough to drive nails easily but also easily manipulated while pulling nails. Claw hammers with fiberglass or steel handles are strong compared to wooden handles.

  1. The chisel:

Every workbench should have an assortment of chisels that is often used to clean out joints and saw cuts. Hardwood grip chisels are good if they have metal caps on them. Look for chisels made of chromium-vanadium alloyed steel or high-alloy carbon steel.

  1. Circular saw:

Circular saw is a highly versatile powered-saw that uses a blade or abrasive disc or toothed to cut different materials using a rotating spinning action around an arbor. This tool makes it easier and less cumbersome to cut woods for any project.

  1. Hand saws:

A high quality hand-saw is important for any woodworks and it should not be overlooked. You probably don’t want to use a power-saw on everything during woodworking. To start with, you’ll need a fretsaw and a minisaw. Besides that, you may also need a good tenon saw, along with a miter saw. As need arises, you may look for other saws for a variety of cutting styles and angles.

  1. Sliding bevel:

A sliding bevel is a tool used for both laying out and transferring angles. If you are going to measure a bunch of angles, then this tool is very helpful. This is adjustable too, and it is helpful to duplicate an existing angle to a desired angle by using it with other woodworking tools.


This is an essential woodworking tool for every carpenter. There are different types of clamps and the best ones are c clamps, parallel clamps, bar clamps, corner clamps, pipe claps, and so on. Consider buying them according to your needs.

  1. Level:

A level indicates how parallel or level a surface is to the earth. A 48 ” level is good one for many woodworking projects. However, you’ll need a torpedo level too which is a 8″ level. Look for quality levels that are made of metal or brass-edged wood.

  1. A saw horse:

A saw horse is absolutely a must-have for every woodworker. It is important that a woodworker to have a stable place to do their work while sawing, nailing, drilling, or screwing.. A saw horse has a myriad of uses and can hold up to 500 pounds.

  1. Work bench:

In addition to a saw horse, you will need a workbench too. Work benches can be portable, fixed, retractable, or locking casters. There are no rules regarding its measurement and are usually based on the size of your room.

  1. Block plane:

You can flatten a piece of wood, square your work, or add a curve to it using a block plane. Important think to notice is the sharpness of the blade in your block plane.

  1. Safety equipment:

Safety tools are important to perform any woodwork. They include safety googles, gloves, and ear plugs.

  1. Power drill:

Another must-have tool is the power drill which is used for easy drilling of holes and driving screws on any material. Find compact drills and drivers having plenty of features.

These are some basic woodworking tools if you’re wanting to get started on some woodworking on your own, however this is not the complete list. If you are a novice woodworker, get to know about each and every tool in detail and invest on quality ones to get the perfect results.

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