Plans for Beginners

Woodworking is an acquired art and not an inborn skill. It takes patience, passion and practice to perfect this art. For beginners, there are plenty of woodworking plans, to begin with. Some of them include;


A basket can serve to store fruits or keep garbage in the home. Baskets are much easier to make and can be used for a variety of purposes. You can go an extra mile to decorate your baskets using great colors to blend with the décor of your room. Also, you may gift your loved ones with these baskets


There are many ways through which you can create birdhouses. They are also easy and can be decorated using a variety of colors. These cages enhance the beauty of your backyard and can also be used to draw more birds to your home. For the lovers of birds, this is a good starting point.

Cutting Board

The cutting board is another easy woodworking project to give a try. The advantage with these boards is that you can create them using a variety of methods. For instance, a single solid wood is perfect for beginners since it demonstrates the essentials of shaping, sizing to more composite methods.

Picture frames

Glass materials are commonly used in creating a wooden picture frame. The whole process of assembling the frame is quite easy for any beginner. Only a slight technicality presents when adding the glass to the frame. Besides their easy to make, picture frames are great gift ideas for your loved ones. You may create a customized picture frame with names or add pictures. These frames too will add a touch to the beauty of your home.

Planter Box

The essence of this box is to demonstrate skills on cutting, angles as well as angles. Few affordable materials are required to create one. Also, you can easily modify the box to suit your precise needs.


There are many varieties of trays of ideals for newbies. You can start with bed trays which are ideal for sick or tire people. There are also trays for keeping items in the kitchen for instance fruits.

Jewelry boxes

These boxes take the shortest time to create. In fact, they don’t have to serve the purpose of holding your jewelry alone. They can be used to store valuable items making them boundless gifts for mothers. You can try and curve something beautiful to the box to make them great.

Wine Rack

A wine rack employs the same skills of making a spice rack. It teaches one on creating tight joints as well as a number of shaping skills.

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