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Get over 16,000 woodworking plans!

Have you thought of starting woodworking as a business or hobby? In most cases, a number of individuals have begun different woodworking activities but end failing due to inappropriate plans.

Apart from this, you may need to get something custom made but lack the required instructions and a proper plan, which hinders your plans. For a perfect woodworking plan for beginners, experts, and anyone looking for custom made items, Ted’s Woodworking is a perfect plan that provides you with all you need under one package.

The plan contains up to 16,000 plans that will definitely suit your woodworking needed. It is, therefore, recommended for the beginners, professionals, and anyone who wishes to gain some idea of making his/her custom furniture.

What is Ted’s Woodworking?

Ted’s Woodworking has been described as the largest database of woodworking projects with step by step guide. It was developed by a retired master craftsman and perfectly provides all the detailed instructions to leave you with no guesswork.

How it Works

This woodworking plan works quite different from most of the woodworking plans. It contains up to 16,000 plans based on various categories to choose from.

For example, you will find plans like the squirrel den, small homes, arbor projects, gun cabinets, and computer desk just to name a few. With this, you can perfectly get your custom made furniture that will suit your taste.

Secondly, they also release new plans drafted from their workshop every month. This is to provide you with new and advanced skills in your workshop. The plan also offers you lifetime access to its membership area. This implies that you can always download their new monthly plans that will suit you woodworking needed.

The good thing about the plan is that there is no expiry date or recruitment fee. Besides getting the newly drafted plans monthly, you can also make a request for your own plan to be drafted. This will be perfectly drafted in the next cycle.

Why Ted’s Woodworking?

Today, from beginners to large workshops are using these woodworking plans. The plan is very detailed from the beginning to the end with all instructions you may need. Here are some reasons why it remains the best woodworking plan globally.

Materials and Cutting List

A number of woodworkers haven’t been able to find the best out of their works due to wrong cuttings and materials. In order to find the ideal solution for your woodworking plan, Ted’s Woodworking provides the materials and cutting that will suit every project.

By knowing the exact amount of material needed for the project, it is easier to make a proper budget without spending on the wrong quality, wrong materials and buying more than expected. Due to this, you will definitely save both money and time as you build some of the best projects. The plan has the cutting list for each project with proper dimensions and quantity.

Step by Step Instruction

You wish to create some projects like computer desk squirrel den or arbor projects but have no idea of where to begin or end. This is where this woodworking plan comes in as it provides a detailed step by step instruction on a number of projects you may need to make.

With all instructions and materials at hand, you will definitely build the item easily and super fast to save time. The woodworking plan has the hold-you-by-hand instructions that will provide proper guidance.

This is just like having a professional by your side giving the step by step guide; hence you get to finish the work in minutes. The detailed instructions are ideal for large workshops and beginners.

Views from all Angles

When you have an idea of what you need to come up with before beginning makes it elementary to get the work done faster and easier. With this largest database of woodworking plan, you not only get the instructions but clear images of what it needs to look like at the end.

The drawings provide a better view from all angles; hence you can easily build the project. In addition to this, the plan also provides intricate details of every angle, every joint, and every corner.

With this, you will not make any mistake as you don’t have to guess what you need to have in every corner or joint. This is one reason why the largest workshop now uses the woodworking plan as they find detailed drawings of what they need to build.

Detailed Schematics

When you need to come up with a project that is kind of challenging to build, it will definitely take much time and efforts. However, with this detailed woodworking plan, you can easily complete such projects in a fraction of time thanks to its detailed schematics.

Every plan has a colorful and sharp schematic for better visibility and easy understanding. Due to this, the project will definitely build itself as you don’t have to postpone the work when you have no idea of the next step.

Ideal for Professionals and Beginners

When you think of begging or advancing your woodworking skills then you need to find Ted’s Woodworking. It is the most detailed and easy to understand woodworking plan that suits both beginners and professionals. The 16,000 plans suit different levels and competence.

Due to this, the plan doesn’t need you to have the most expensive machinery or the largest workshop as you can use it even at home for your home custom made projects. It is, therefore, the ultimate woodworking plan that suits the amateur woodworker, complete beginners, and seasoned pro.

You can use the plan anywhere including the small workshops, large workshops or at home. Generally, this is the most detailed and convenient woodworking plan that every woodworker needs. It provides plans for everyone irrespective of the level of competence.

The plan contains myriad woodworking plans that suit making even the most challenging projects.With the detailed drawings and schematics, you will get the work done faster and easier.

Get over 16,000 woodworking plans!

What Ted Provides

Does Ted’s Woodworking only provide you with the 16,000 plans? The woodworking plan provides you with more than you may expect besides the 16,000 plan.

When you order the affordable woodworking plans, you should expect to find the following items:

16,000 Plans Done for You

This is one thing that makes the woodworking plan unique and convenient for any workshop. The plan comes with already done plans mounting to 16,000.

This implies that irrespective of the project you wish to create, you will always find it in the woodworking plan. It contains from A to Z plans, each with the step by step guide on how to create and finish. Even for the most challenging woodworking projects, the plan has sharp and colorful detailed schematics that will make them super easy.

With the 16,000 plans, you will find it suitable for use in the big workshops, small starting workshops, and for personal use.

Lifetime Monthly Plans and Support

Besides getting the already done 16,000 plans, the woodworking plans also keep you updated with their newest woodworking plans drafted in their workshop. The drafted plans are sent to all their users every month and you can download them for free.

With this, you will always find newer skills and plans to expand your expertise and even create new projects every day. Apart from getting the new plans, you can also request your own custom plans for your projects.

They will craft the plan such that in the next cycle, you will have the plan ready. This makes it elementary to get come up with custom projects that will suit your preference.

In addition to the plans, they also provide support whenever needed. You can always find help via email from their master woodworkers to complete your projects. The support can also be found through their forum support; hence the most reliable and effective woodworking plan.

Training Courses and Knowledge Guidance

Ted’s Woodworking also provides the best training courses and guides on specific projects that you may need. For example, you will get access to different tutorial videos that cover most of the things you might need to know about woodworking.

With this, you can easily learn different skills to begin your woodworking or expand in certain areas. The woodworking plan also allows you to download a number of guides that have been included in the techniques of woodworking.

Even when you haven’t thought of doing woodworking, with this plan, you will certainly develop some interest since all information needed is provided.

With the invaluable resources, you can expand your skills to create more unique projects. From the video tutorials and woodworking techniques, you get to know about the rights tools and material required for all projects. It also gives you the confidence to undertake any given project easily and quickly.

All You Need to Finish Each Plan

Despite contains up to 16,000 different plans, the woodworking plan provides you with inner detailed needed to complete each plan. For each plan, you get to know the amount of material needed, measurements and cutting, and photos. It also has the 3D diagrams so that you can view every angle, joint, and corner of the project.

With all these at hand, you will easily complete the project as you have the full guidance you need for the plan. By getting to see the 3D drawings for every project, no mistakes will be involved in the projects. With this, the project will build itself within the shortest time needed.

You also get to save on cash by buying exactly what is required. Knowing the exact amount of material, cuttings, and measurements allow you to buy only what you need, which reduces the wastage or buying the wrong quantities.

Thousands of Projects to Copy It is only with this detailed woodworking plan that you can come p with unique projects. It has been crafted by master woodworkers to ensure that you come up with new projects every day. The 16,000 plans and newly crafted plans on a monthly basis help any woodworkers to better ways of building the best projects.

You can also make custom made projects by requesting for your own plan that will be crafted by the master woodworkers. This plan, therefore, suits the woodworking workshops that wish to build new and custom made projects for the clients.

Instant Online Access or DVDs You can also get all the 16,000 plans online in the members’ area. The lifetime access allows you to get a quick view of any plan that you might need when you wish to build any given project. It is, therefore, very reliable as it can be used anywhere from your PC.

Additionally, the woodworking plan also provides you with the DVDs when you don’t need online access. The DVDs contain all their current plans in the membership area. When you order for the DVDs, it is always ship to your mailbox for easy access.

With all these items in one plan, you will definitely find the best way to begin or expand your woodworking techniques. Ted’s Woodworking is the best woodworking plan that suits all levels of competence; hence highly recommended.

Pros of Using Ted’s Woodworking

  • Contains thousands of videos – This is the only woodworking plan that provides you with up to 16,000 plans in one single package. With the plans, you can easily create some of the best projects ever created in a fraction of time.
  • Provides complete woodworking guide – apart from the thousand plans, it also offers you with about 200 pages covering the tricks and tips on how to build specific projects. Each has detailed drawings and diagrams that will suit your project needs.
  • Has the CAD and DWG plan viewer – with this woodworking plan, you can always edit and modify any plan to suit your tastes and preference. With this, it is easier to build the custom made projects.
  • Suits all levels of competence – It has also been designed for all levels of users. It can be used by the beginners looking forward to starting their woodworking projects. Besides this, it can also be used by professional experts who wish to learn more and build unique projects. The 16,000 plans included are categorized to serve all levels of competence.
  • Offers lifetime free monthly plans – every month, you will always find newly drafted plans. This implies that with this woodworking plan, you should expect to find more crafted plans to create unique projects on the market. It, therefore, suits the workshops for unique projects every month.
  • Guides on how to start woodworking business – when you wish to start a woodworking business and has no idea of where to begin, this woodworking plan will suit you. It covers a wide range of topics that have been hosted by the master craftsman; hence will provide better tips on how to start the business.
  • Have myriad tutorials – you also get numerous tutorials that will provide in-depth woodworking tips. With this, you can easily handle different projects to suit your woodworking needs.


  • There are a few bad reviews of this product. But it’s only because of this product’s creator has left a bit of a bad taste with some blogs. And it’s because of how aggressively he advertises his products. Which I see no problem with because this is such a good deal. There are more plans than anyone will ever have enough time for. And they’re all in one place and organized. You get what you pay for, and this is definitely worth it.

Is Ted’s Woodworking Costly?

No, the woodworking project isn’t costly since it has been considered as one of the cheapest woodworking plan globally. Whenever you order this woodworking plan, you will definitely get up to four special time-limited bonuses to aid in your woodworking projects. These plans include:

#1. 150 Premium Videos

Apart from the woodworking plan itself, you will also be provided with up to 150 premium woodworking videos. The quality videos are more detailed and provide you with the step by step guide on how to undertake different woodworking projects.

The videos are hosted by veteran woodworkers; hence the best you might need. You can browse for different videos from the collections depending on what you wish to build.

With this, you can enhance your woodworking skills and get to make very unique projects ever made. There are also new videos added constantly so you don’t have to watch the same videos again and again. To claim this great bonus, you just need to order for Ted’s Woodworking today and you will like the package.

#2. CAD/DWG Plan Viewer

Today, the CAD/DWG plan viewer software is really expensive and since you will need them, you have to spend some cash. In order to save some cash, you just need to buy Ted’s Woodworking and you will get the best CAD/DWG as a bonus.

With this software, you can easily edit and create your own woodworking plans from the already existing ones. This implies that as a woodworker, you can now build the custom made projects that will suit your clients.

#3. Complete Guides

This is another bonus that has been included in the package when you order the woodworking plan. This woodworking guide is a book of about 200 pages that provide you with both tips and tricks on how to build different plans.

The guides contain detailed photos, diagrams, and drawings that will aid you to get the best view of the project you wish to build in 3D. With this, you can see what is needed for all the corners, joints, and angles. In addition to the drawings and photos, the guides also provide step by step instruction needed for you to build specific projects.

This includes the material, dimensions, and cuttings. When you buy the guide, you will spend more cash; hence it is advisable to get the woodworking plan and get it as a bonus to save you the cash.

#4. How to Start a Business

When you think of starting woodworking as a business or hobby, you require some of the basic skills and advice on how and where to begin. To get such tips and guidance, you only need to order for Ted’s Woodworking and you will this as a bonus. The step by step guide contains crucial information that includes:

  • How to market your services plus what to sell in order to make money
  • Finding aid and contracting jobs that aids in scaling your business
  • Find how to begin quickly and run a successful operation
  • Tax matters, accounting, and licensing that you need to know
  • How to work with your competitors and locating your suppliers

These are the four bonuses you should expect when you buy Ted’s Woodworking. The cost-effective woodworking plan provides more than expected with an additional bonus; hence the best you never want to miss. You can now order today and will find it suitable for your woodworking needs.

What Plans does it contain?

Ted’s Woodworking has thousands of woodworking plans that can’t all be listed. Here are some of the categories to expect from the plan:

  • Artwork display
  • Chicken houses
  • Rabbit houses
  • Arbor projects
  • Adirondack chairs
  • Clock plans
  • Router plans
  • Bedside cabinets
  • Hutch plans
  • Storage plans
  • Knife block
  • Door designs
  • Bookcase plans

Generally, Ted’s Woodworking is the best woodworking plan that will suit your woodworking needs. The plan has been designed to suit all levels of competence including the beginners and professional woodworkers.

It was designed by master craftsman who provides you with up to 16,000 different woodworking plans. This means that everyone will always find what exactly he/she needs for the project. Besides the thousands of plans, you also get newly crafted woodworking plans monthly. You can also request your own custom made plan to be crafted.

The woodworking plan is easily accessible online or on DVDs. It has very detailed step by step guides for each and every project. This includes the cuttings, dimensions, and material needed for the projects. This will save you money as you won’t buy the wrong or more than needed material.

Moreover, you also get detailed schematics in 3D drawings and photos. With this, you can see what is needed for the joints, corners, and all angles. With this, there are no more guess works, which makes it easier to finish the work faster and quickly.

Despite being the best woodworking database globally, it is a cost-effective plan that will suit your budget. The affordable woodworking plan also provides you with different bonuses that are costly when bought separately.

Some of the included bonuses are tips in how to start a woodworking business, complete woodworking guides, 150 premium videos, and DWG/CAD plan viewer. To claim these bonuses, you just need to order today and you will definitely like it for your woodworking plans and business.

Get over 16,000 woodworking plans!

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