Wood Shop Accessories Every Woodworker Should Have

When people consider setting up a woodworking practice, a lot of the focus is on the tools and setting up space where the woodworking will be set up.

Even when making the budget it is easy to allocate all your cash to the devices like saws, drills, and others. It is easy to forget about the accessories you will need to help you do your work.

Some may not even be related to woodworking from the go but missing them will leave you handicapped. Herein are the essential woodworking accessories you should have.

1.A complete woodworker’s bench

You will only notice the importance of this accessory once you start using it or if you are missing one. You should find a complete set that comes with the vise and the series of holes to insert the bench dogs.

The bench provides a stable and secure surface to work on with the pieces held in place by the bench dogs and the vise.

2.Portable table shop

You will also need a mobile shop that allows you to move your working around the shop and even outside especially if the shop is split into sections for various purposes.

You can buy one or make it yourself complete with retractable casters. The casters allow you to roll the table with ease and also hold it firmly in place once to you get to the desired point.


Your wood shop should have at least a pair, and if you have an extensive practice, you may find you need several sets. They are sturdy and should be able to hold 500 pounds with ease.

You should build them to be stackable, and you can use them for a variety of purposes including a base for your table saws, or a base when cutting long sheets of material.

4.Bench grinder

A quality bench grinder will serve you for long, helping keep your chisels, planes and other cutting tools are always sharp and thus safe and efficient to use.

5.A heavy duty vacuum

Your workshop is going to be a significant source of dust, so you need a modern heavy duty vacuum. It should be compatible with the power tools that come with ports for connecting to vacuums.

You can also use it in the usual vacuuming manner. Later on, you can invest in the dust collection systems for your shop.


Jigs are also another set of accessories you can make on your own. They come in different shapes and sizes and are paired with a variety of cutting tools. Their function is to assist you in cutting different patterns and shapes. They include square jigs, circle jigs, louver jigs, etc.

Woodworking accessories help increase your efficiency and safety while working. Most can easily be homemade and when you purchase them, invest in high quality for long shelf life and easy maintenance.

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